Saturday, February 9, 2008

Didn't do much today - I still live in Brno time, so I got up around noon (I see the smiles, but that's 6 AM in Brno, not too bad...) and continued preparing the training. Went for a walk again around Truc Bach lake and took some pics - had an interesting time crossing the 4-lanes road, I tried to record it but I was too busy avoiding the traffic so only my hand could be seen. Bought some mistery fruit yesterday (I liked the color, but didn't try it yet...) It looks a bit like a monstruous creature from a video game - if anyone tells me it's name he'll get a rice hat when I'm back. I found this interesting blog I recommed it's reading. About my blog, I don't like too much blogspot, not enough customize options, pictures take ages to upoad, and I'd like to have the first post appear first... And the English grammar corrector is not available :-)))

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Gaetan Duvieusart said...

Yep Bernard!! Thanks for the blog, I see u're entering the Viet mood ! Concernant ta question sur les fruits, ce sont des Thang Long (Green Dragons) Hylocereus undatus. Apparemment ca se pèle comme une banane et c'est blanc et gélatineux inside... quant au gout parait que c'est sweet and sour ! Tu me diras ce qu'il en est ! N'oublie pas le chapeau de riz, à moins que je me sois fait coiffer sur le poteau, mais je voudrai bien savoir par qui !! A+ G.